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Social media is the lifeblood of 21rst century marketing. Only through understanding how to use social media to expand your reach, engagement, and sales can you truly excel in the modern business world.

I am a social media expert and have dedicated myself to creating and managing social media campaigns designed to expand a brand, while engaging with current and future audiences.

For each client I establish a following with real customers and likes, on:
My packages include:

  • Basic Social Media: £60 ($100) to create all your social media accounts for you. I will take the time to explain each to you, and will give you a free eBook on how to maximise your results on each site.
  • Bronze Social Media Package: For $150 a month, I will  setup your social media accounts, and orchestrate your social media campaign for you. This involves posting regularly, engaging with your audience, and helping to build your brand and popularity.
  • Silver Social Media Package: For $200 a month, I will do all of the above and include two expertly written 500 word blog posts per week to appear on a blog of your choice. These posts are designed to inform, engage, and promote your business/website to your audience.
  • Gold Social Media Package: For $300 a month, I will do all of the above as well as develop an integrated email campaign designed to increase your traffic and sales.
Contact me today via the form at the foot of this page, or Email me to take your online presence to the next level.
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