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To tell a story which captivates and moves an audience, isn't that the greatest aspiration of a writer?

Whether you have a story to tell and you want a writer to put it into words for you, or you want a factual or fictional book researched and written from scratch, I provide my clients with e-Books which engage with readers and sell tens of thousands of copies.

With a proven track record of top-ten Amazon best-sellers, and an MSc in Research, I will create an e-Book for you which will be a massive success.

My prices are as follows:

  • Ghost Writing Fiction: $0.08 (£0.05) per word. For a 200 page manuscript this would come in at around $4000 (£2400)
  • Ghost Writing Reference: A standard reference e-Book is around 50 pages long. This would come in at $0.10 per word or around $1250 for the whole book. 
Contact me today via the form at the foot of the page, or by email, and let me create the perfect, sales-driven eBook for you.

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