Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most powerful advertising techniques available to any company or project. While there are still many who do not have social media accounts, everyone who has a computer has an email address.

The potential customer base is in the billions.

Yet, how do you truly engage with recipients via email when people's spam folders continually fill up with useless and scam based messages?

As an email marketing expert, I specialize in developing email campaigns which lead directly to increased sales, whether it is supplementing and managing an already existing email campaign, or creating one from scratch.

My Prices Include:

  • Lead Generating Email: To create for you an email which will bring people to your business, and encourage readers to become paying customers, I charge as little as $100 (£60).
  • Email Campaign Creation: I will create, write, and manage your entire email campaign for you, and will update and oversee every aspect of it on a daily basis. For this service I charge only $200 (£120) per month.

Contact me today via the form at the foot of the page, or email me and I will put together an email campaign which will grow your brand and customer-base significantly. Let's put your business on top!
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